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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Transparent Mobiles-Gadget Buzz

Transparent Mobiles

Transparent phones are often a thing of wonderand excitement for both tech geeks and consumers. However, much to the dismayof a lot of people, there are only a few semi-transparent mobile phonesavailable for mass consumption. The reason primarily is finding out how toconceal all the wires and circuitry required for a mobile phone to work in acomplete, transparent casing. Full transparent phones, to this day, remain as conceptphones.

But for those who are curious as to howtransparent phones look—whether they are available in the market or as aconcept phone—here is a list that would definitely satiate your imagination.

Transparent Mobiles Lauched Till Date

LG GD900

LG GD900’s groundbreaking design—featuringa crystal, transparent keypad—has sparked and provoked the minds of many phonedesigners to follow suit and start designing full transparent phones. Phone is available in the market back in 2009. As of 2012,however, production has been discontinued. 

DoCoMo Transparent Display Pro to Type

DoCoMo is a mobile phone giant in Japan;Fujitsu is a reputed computer company from the same Archipelago. Teaming up ina collaboration of technological research and design, these two Japanese super-companiescame up with a smartphone sporting a two-sided transparent display touchscreenlast June. Phone not only fromthe front touch screen but also from the back side gives the user a new kind ofexperience in navigating and interacting with a smartphone. This phone is stillmonths away from the actual production.

Transparentmobile phone concepts:

TransparentDroid Phone Concept Luxury meets luxury as Mobiado and AstonMartin pair up to give our eyes a treat with their Droid Phone concept. Thistransparent phone is supposedly built from glass with titanium edges on itssides for protection. Full-transparent phone concept doesn’tgive much space for the phone’s other hardware needs, the metal sides could possiblyhold all the electrical circuitry and SIM card—a feat that’s quite impossiblein the present. The showcase video features this phone becoming an integrateddisplay on the dashboard of an Aston Martin car.

Windows Phone 

Fully-transparent Windows Phone concept displays the weather for the dayon the phone's screen—be it rainy, snowy, or sunny—allowing users to have apeek of the conditions outside even when they are cooped in their house oroffice. If this one goes to production, it would give you access to handwritingmode when you blow on the phone, thereby providing the means for making callsand text. As of today, however, the consumers can only wait and see if thisfantastic concept would progress into reality.

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